Its a celebration! This month marks 2 years since the birth of Night With Nigma, and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate with Team Nigma. Over the years there's been plenty of great discussions on Hip-Hop, plenty of drinks passed around and of course, plenty of dope artists in rotation at The Lab Studios. Also celebrating its 2 year anniversary is the project the first NWN was about, 'Circadian Rhythms'. So we'll be digging deeper with favorite songs, the recording process & what the album means to him today. Get ready for one hell of a night!

This celebration is all about the growth of Night With Nigma as an event & E.Nigma as an artist, both which look to elevate the brands around them. Which brings me to our featured guests of the evening, the ones who stay on the grind and has yet to let up on their journey to greatness.

CLAUDE KNOWS | creates distinct and unique interpretations of your favorite songs, giving the lyrics a different perspective. The way he puts the videos together are really dope, see for yourself with his Big Sean - Patience video

THE LUNCH TABLE PODCAST | In Tune Ent.'s Jay & Jeff soak up some game from some of the most talented people in various industries in NYC and beyond. Check out their latest interview, the BHM episode with BruthaMikeX

WEARESIBZ | brings you into the conversations between a brother & sister about all types of things, not to mention sibling shenanigans. They remind me of me and my siblings, especially the latest episodes on Rollercoasters!

TAQEE BOND | One of the prominent movers and shakers in NYC, whether that's with Word Of Mouth Radio or leading people and hosting some of the NYC's dopest events. Check out an episode of Word Of Mouth Radio here!

You don't wanna miss this one, let the good times commence, this weekend @ #NightWIthNigma!