Seasons. Divisions of the year that serve as visual proof of time elapsing, from the fall leaves that change colors like chameleons do, to the winter snow that blankets the streets. One thing that doesn't change throughout the seasons is the grind, the year round work you have to put in to achieve your goals in life. E.Nigma tackles just that on the dark but soulful, ‘SZN EP’, the second collaboration with producer Mello Marc.

Starting off on a grittier tone, Springs signifies the daily trials of not getting detered or distracted by outside forces. On the journey to success its important to have the right support system around you, a sentiment he highlights almost as a mantra with the lyrics: "Just me my shorty & my crew/Niggas doing what they gotta do". Like the season, there are days where the sun is shining your way and plenty days of nonstop rain, a double entendre of life resembling the unpredictable bounce of an actual spring. 

As the spring showers cease and the sun comes out to warm the day, E.Nigma looks to show appreciation for his special someone on the feel good ‘Summertime Fine’. E. gushes about the crush he cant stop thinking about, likening her energy to a refreshing summer day "You like the first day of summer/Breath of fresh air sometimes I stare 'cuz I want ya". This ode to love shows that even with a busy schedule, Nigma manages to find time to show just how significant his other is to him.

In life sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Like the leaves in autumn there's a time to fall back and let the universe take care of life, as it was meant to be. They say if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans, and 'Fall Back' is where the Brooklyn born MC comes to this realization himself with the lines "I ain't never gon' stop/I lost the boat because God preparing me for the yacht/Preparing me for the top". Looking back he starts to be grateful for the things he went through, as without them he wouldn't be where and who he is today. 

Sometimes taking a step back can give you the perfect view of things, and "Winters Circle" shows the SZN rapper gain new perspective of his environment. On any road to success there are a multitude of obstacles to face, and there are time where the ones holding you back are in your inner circle praying on your downfall ("Haters smiling in your face really trying to hurt you"). The song symbolizes how cold it can be chasing your dreams, often you'll find that the one person you can always be able to depend on is you. 

SZN EP represents the constant motion of life and how it changes like the weather. Seeing the world evolve around you will make you realize what you need to grow with it, and make the most of what it has to offer. The seasons may remind us of fond memories, hard times or simply a moment in time where you were at peace. For E.Nigma, they serve as a reminder that the biggest change you can make in the world, is within.

Bonus songs for the album include Fall Back (Remix) ft. Paradise and Never Forget ft. Young Dane, with co-production by Savvy the Savior.