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Since 2016's SZN E.Nigma has been on a journey of self discovery, and he seems to have made some progress realizing what's important. Featuring lead single Back2It, and featuring production from brainorchestra, KDA & longtime collaborator Mello Marc.



The East Coast MC reunites with NJ Producer Mello Marc for his 2nd EP. ‘SZN’ showed a darker yet more focused side to E. Nigma & features singles like ‘Winters Circle’ & ‘Fall Back’, with guest features including Young Dane & Paradise.


E. Nigma’s first full length album, produced by Mello Marc, shows an artist in the midst of maturation. The Brooklyn rapper delves into navigating his way through the ups and downs of adulthood, friendships and keeping up with your aspirations on a day to day.

E. Nigma’s independent debut garnered buzz from featured singles ‘Baby Baby’ & ‘aROAMa’ featuring Saint Ross. With sharp lyricism coupled with a nostalgic sound, E. Nigma made his name as a prominent artist in New York’s music scene.