E.Nigma (EdotNigma), aka Nigma Baby baby, is an independent performer, songwriter, & recording artist. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, his lifelong dedication to music was inspired by MC's like JAY-Z, Ludacris, Kendrick Lamar & more. Like many of hip-hops greats, a combination of standout production with E.Nigma's prominent, in your face delivery at the fore, creates a unique sound inspired by the rapper's ambitions and life experiences. ~ Eis4Everything

MC. Artist. Hustler. Just a few words to describe E.Nigma (EdotNigma), the visionary whose music focuses on honesty & growth as much as lyrics & beats. With a dollar and a dream, the East Coast MC takes you on a journey through life with introspective lyricism, putting everything he has into his music, hence the mantra --- the E. is 4 Everything. Inspired by memories & experiences in the concrete jungle, Nigma Baby baby brings you an authentic perspective of the day to day grind, and with every lyric you can feel the influence of New York's giants. The city that never sleeps provided him with the spirit of a hustler, and the mentality to keep going, no matter what.


While working on new music, E.Nigma envisioned an event that would double as a listening session and a way to bring people together, all while building TeamNIGMA as a brand. Collaborating with The Lab Studios in New Rochelle, NY, E. had an all original format which created a community of eager fans, a platform for independent brands and a chance to network all rolled into one, now known as 'Night With Nigma'